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Re: Testimonials wanted
From Jim on 18 May '98
adding to Re: Testimonials wanted posted by Ronny Skog

>1.In Promotion Artist there is very bad
>report options making it impossible to be
>sure the engines really do accept the page

Promotion Artist is a SUBMISSION tool. No submission
tool, including the other one you use, will tell
you when your pages appear on the listings.
That's why you need to complement Promotion
Artist with a monitoring tool, like Webposition:

Promotion Artist actually SUBMITS your pages to the search
engines and confirms when the submission has been accepted.
However, the submission being accepted is NOT the same as
the listing actually appearing on the search engine. Your
submission needs to be processed by the internal workings
of the search engines before it's listed for the users to
see. This process can take anything from a couple of hours
(in the case of Infoseek) to several weeks, and often the
listings don't appear at all for many reasons.

This is where Webposition comes in. It WATCHES to see
whether your listings are appearing and if so, how high up
the list they are. It alerts you when you need to resubmit
pages (using Promotion Artist) and even gives you special
tips on improving your rankings.

If you visit the deadlock promotion services page at
http://deadlock.com/promotion/ you'll see that we
recommend full promotion CAMPAIGNS to our clients. We use
both Promotion Artist AND Webposition to provide these

If you have the budget for only one of these programs,
Promotion Artist is the one to start off with (you need to
submit pages before you can monitor them). Promotion Artist
has a rudimentary monitoring feature (Visibility Analysis)
which does something similar to Webposition, but it's
really only a toy in comparison, and not 100% accurate.

>2.The possibillity of creating multiple
>(spammed) doorway pages will be risky to
>use and might get your site banned from
>the engines.

Exactly, thats why a dirty great warning message
pops up before you create these pages in Promotion
Artist, but the feature is still there if you WANT
to use it.

>3.There is no way to filter out engines not
>appropiate for your site (It will submitt a
>porn site to a "christian link" engine", a
>personal homepage to a "buisiness search"
>engine ect). This is a MAJOR drawback.

Again, you're wrong. You should use the SMARTCHECK
feature and this won't happen.

>4.Many submissions fails. However free
>updates are released regulary.

There can be many reasons for submission failures,
including a bad connection or any nubmer of
other factors. The latest version sends failure
reports directly to our programmer, and they're
AUTOMATICALLY fixed the next time the user logs on
to run a session.

>5.The "rank check feature" is totally

Again, Promotion Artist is a SUBMISSION tool,
not a monitoring tool. It says so right there
on the page:


The Visibility Analysis you're talking about
is only an extra add-on, it's not meant to
be a comprehensive monitoring tool.

>Personally I`m currently using another
>submittion program, Submit Wolf Pro. You
>can get a free demo at: http://www.msw.com.au/swolf

Note how much this costs when you include all
the extra packs necessary to geta decent number
of listings.

John, have you seen these:


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