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Re: Spider Searches
From paul on 19 May '98
adding to Spider Searches posted by Steve Haines

>>I have a site that is all gif files, no html text. Does this mean that
>>automatic spiders that attempt to "read" the site will find nothing
>>there and reject it for inclusion in the search database? Would it be
>>better to add invisible (white) html text to the site to give spiders
>>something to "read"?

1st, you don't have any information in your ALT tags. DON'T spam the tags, but you should have some information that the end user can read while it's loading or for people that turn their images off.
2nd, Don't add any text the same color as your bkg. search engines will take points off for this! You'll have to rely on your meta tags. But I will tell you this. Of all the pages I have written the pages without meta tags, but good content seem to out do the ones with little content and full meta tags..Remember this, CONTENT IS KING! and as far as the search engines go, you don't have any/much..
Take care, Paul

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