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Re: How to get listed in Yahoo You Don't Unless :((((
From Mike on 19 May '98
adding to How to get listed in Yahoo posted by Ryan Scott

>Getting listed in Yahoo is actually pretty easy. I can get listed in about 2 days. But you have to use the full PostMaster service to make it happen, however.
>http://www.netcreations.com/postmaster is the url for that baby. They don't give out the information for the free trial service. But hey, the paid service also sends out your announcement to about 13,000 people on their What's New list which makes everything very worthwhile.

Lucky people, been trying to for over 5 months
now to get my site listed. I don't know why
i brother ever month to waste my time
filling out a stupid form which is likely
beeing sent to a trash folder.
I think majority of sites submit don;t go
to an actual human there go to a trash can (folder)
I just annoyed and pissed off about this.

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