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Re: Infoseek ranking criteria
From Max on 19 May '98
adding to Re: Infoseek ranking criteria posted by dave

>>I have been having the same problem.
>I get to number one and 24 hours later i am still in the index but at a much lower postion(around 200th or so).

Perhaps they are giving new submissions a couple of days in the top spots, and then re-rank them into the group.
It would be easy to program into the engine's logic - just add some relevance points for newly listed sites that
expire after x days.
Wait until they start rotating sites of roughly equal relevancy into the top slots. It'll drive you nuts trying to
figure out how to beat it. It's also easy to program in by adding a "sinker". After X time units in the top 20, the
sinker cuts in and your site drops to the bottom until the other sites have had a turn. As they sink, you rise until
you are back on top.
Even easier is the stack method - with each retrieval of a search, the site that was first in the stack of roughly
equally relevant sites is rotated to the bottom or the one that was on the bottom is popped to the top.

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