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Re: Fishy business
From Darryl on 19 May '98
adding to Fishy business posted by Tony Koh

>Something fishy is going on with some hosting site.
>Normally at their site, you can check your
>domain name to see if it is available for registeration.
>What happen is that I found out that after keying
>a domain name and it is available but the next day
>someone book it. Now it happens three times and the
>name is nothing special - for example:malaysiaexport.com
>and upon checking it is taken up by and african based
>company in USA
>Can someone explain the possibility of fishy business.

I don't think someone's watching you and then stilling them. When you look up a domain name
to see if it's available from sources other then internic...the data is not reliable.
Goto to http://www.internic.net and check out the domains in question and it will tell you who got that
domain, which will include company, name, and address. That will settle you down some. Do you think people are
watching you why you are working on your computer. If so you've been on the internet to long. Just kidding!
I think.

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