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Re: How to get listed in Yahoo (Don't fall for this)
From Scott at WordSouth Public Relations on 20 May '98
adding to How to get listed in Yahoo posted by Ryan Scott

>Getting listed in Yahoo is actually pretty easy. I can get listed in about 2 days. But you have to use the full PostMaster service to make it happen, however.
Thanks for the weak sales pitch, but as Jim is very quick to point out, NOBODY can guarantee you a Yahoo! Listing. And rest assured that if you DO manage to get a listing, you will receive at least 5 spams from companies like "netcreations" that wil claim they can promote your site better than the other 4 spammers you'll get mail from, and the 5 spammers that mailed you last week, as well. Don't fall for this, people. There is nothing that these people can do that you can't do yourself by reading this site, and perhaps getting some software. Ok that's enough ranting for one day. :)

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