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Re: I know why to put a banner in the corner
From Darryl on 20 May '98
adding to I know why to put a banner in the corner posted by Ryan

>Maybe this is common knowledge, but I think I
>figured out why the banner in the corner is
>so much better than one at the top.

>When I come to a page, I came there to read
>it. Even if the banner (or a link) looks interesting,
>I want to read the content I came for first. So I do,
>the usually forget about the banner.

>But if its at the bottom, then I've read the page
>and I'm ready to move on. So I just might click
>on the banner.

>You think?


Will Ryan, Let me ask you this...How many pages do
you come to and then decide to leave? If you're like
most of us ...you run into alot of pages that are not what
you thought they were....so you're in and out. That's one
go reason why they put banners at the top center. They want
to grab your attention as fast as possible. If it's a good banner
it will grab you and take you to their web site. Hope that helps.
these are just my thoughts.


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