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Re: Banned?
From Max on 20 May '98
adding to Banned? posted by iestyn

This brings up a very improtant point, for anyone who wants
to try every trick they can think of, and assumes that they will
be able to just clear out the tricks and resubmit - it's easier to
get ON a blacklist than to get OFF it.

>- do they ban by IP address, the name of the
>site, or something else entirely?
All of the above, if necessary. Some "overenthusiastic"
submitters managed to get their entire domain into one or
more blacklists.

>-And if it is by IP address, can they ban everything from that domain?
Yes, by putting that set of addresses into the
robot's "don't visit" instructions.

>I have emailed some search engines, actually
>APOLOGISING for what happened...but so far no luck.
>Can anyone help me??? -I'd be extremely grateful.

You might have to wait for a few months, making absolutely
NO submissions, then try it again with a properly constructed
set of pages. Or - convince the site to change their domain name
and IP addresses so you can start fresh. After all, they aren't
getting much traffic at the old address.

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