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what i believe yahoo wants
From Andrew at Robert's Hot Tubs on 21 May '98
adding to Re: How to get listed in Yahoo You Don't Unless :(((( posted by Michelle McIntosh

mind you this is just my opinion...........but I'v talk it to 3 people that couldnt get listed and then they did. yahoo wants CONTENT...........lots of it.....if your selling just 1 thing , forget it.....unless you got tons of "free" information.....try pushing the free info stuff and only hinting at the sales. hey, once you gat a listing you can change it all you want.

"i think" (this is just my opinion) the dos and donts are

no broken links
no missing pics
easy navigation (ie. you know where a link is going)

try looking at the new sites they have accepted. better yet, have a friend look the the new sites and compare them to yours (we all get caught up in our sites and sometimes dont see the problems. there was a guy here that didnt get in, some of us told him what we thought was the problem, it was so simple but he never saw it because he was so involved......he got in).

i think the bigger more extensive site have a better chance than the smaller ones.

and again i got to say " if its a link make sure it goes somewhere". if you got a dead link you can be sure they'll click it....

good luck, you can get in....and its worth it, 60% of my sales are from yahoo

ok, who wants to flame me now ? *LOL*

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