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Re: FP 98 question.. ..your answers
From P@t on 21 May '98
adding to Re: FP 98 question.. ..your answers posted by David Notestine

Look at all the crap below you have to deal to use Frontpage.

Since you can already hand code you site using Frontpage is pointless.
Get an editor like Homesite, which you can DEMO at www.allaire.com to see if you like it.
Coding by hand is not only more precise but saves time. Frontpage is only faster at
building small to basic medium sized sites, other than that the Frontpage Editor and Explorer
take way to long to load pages on sites w/ alot of pages and a job that would take 15 minutes
in HomeSite take 5 hours in Frontpage.

If you're really stuck on WYSIWYG editors check out Macromedia Dreaweaver or Netobjects Netfusion at www.download.com

Like the last guy was saying if you're looking for CGI FP's mediocre WEBBOTS won't do it. They're mostly proprietary, only
working w/ MSIE. and most times slower than a good PERL scrip would be.
Look around on the for FREE CGI script's, like Matt's, AXS, MIT's CGIEMAIL, or the many others

Now go take back FP98 before its 30-day Money Back return period is over.

>I have been using FP extensively every day for the last year and a half. It has a long learning curve. BUT FP is fantastic for adding CONTENT which is what the search engines want and freeing up your time to do other things.

>YOU - I purchased FrontPage 98 yesterday, and installed it today. I know how to code HTML (my linked site was/is done by hand),

>And that is where you needed FP to quickly build your entire structure. Then use your HTML editor to finish the page with critical HTML coding.

>QUESTION 1 - I wanted some help in the CGI arena, hence my purchase of FrontPage. After
>reading through the past few months of this webboard, it seems like I may have made a mistake.

>You did. I used and made work every webbot they have. I only use their INCLUDE now. Their Webbots are inconsistant, lousy or just have to work so stupidly that it is too much of a hassle. I went the Visual Basic route and that was too slow, but what can we expect of the next Techno-King of the world.

>You must learn Perl. Period. Unless you are very rich. Go to Matts script archive and make the simplist script work. Buy books, study. I have 19 Perl scripts in my sight. They are FREE, easy to learn and fun to modify.

>QUESTION 2 - A few messages from last month spoke of FP98 screwing up the important files (META, title, etc.)

>Yes they do. They will screw all of your files up if you let it. Search engines and Meta URL checkers do not have a problem reading my META, Title, etc. because I use HomeSite HTML Editor to install them and maintain them. FP s..ks at that. BUT Install these babies around code you do not want changed:

>#!--webbot bot="HTMLMarkup" startspan --#
>This is the code you do not want FP to change
>#!--webbot bot="HTMLMarkup" endspan --#

>Let FP change the other code to its heart content. It takes care of all the cosmetic Fluff while you do the important things like adding CGI scripts. The only drawback of FP i see is that it changes source code. Use the above HTML code and the problem is solved.

>CHANGE THE # into the GREATER THAN and LESS THAN signs (normal HTML delimiters), since this discussion will not allow HTML (Why not?)

>Question 3 - The messages also stated something about changing your important info, and FTPing the pages, rather than using FP98 to do it for you.

>No problems here. Heres the way it should work.
> Initially build your website on your localhost machine. Use FP to publish it ONCE ONLY. From that moment you will be using FP to create any new pages on the actual server hosting your site. After the page has CONTENT and FLUFF then FTP download it to your HTML editer on your own machine, install the coding above, add CGI code you need and you are done. When the page is loaded on FP Editor, it will show as a small yellow HTML Markup bot. FP even has a simple editor to edit this unchangable code.

>Since FP page already knew of the file, it doesn't care if the code has changed.

>QUESTION 4 - I know how to FTP (have WS_FTP), but wouldn't this screw up the Microsoft extensions linked from the pages?

>You can even edit or create files with your HTML editor, FTP upload. To let FP know they are there click on the VIEW popdown menu, select REFRESH and FP will find them. Done.

>I'm getting a clue on how this stuff works, but still have a long way to go. Any help will be appreciated, and, of course, constructive criticism is always welcome.

>GOOD LUCK and keep coming back here. Website Marketing is brand new to me and I have not found anyplace better to learn it than here.

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