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Ok andrew!
From Paul on 21 May '98
adding to what i believe yahoo wants posted by Andrew

I have been reading Andrew's notes here for
a long time. Sometimes I agree, and sometime
I don't!..Andrew this time you're right on!!!
..Here's my story. Last week I received a rejection letter
from Yahoo..A letter like that makes you feel
real good, if you know what I mean..Not!
Anyway, after that I posted my site on this
and other boards,I asked Webmasters to look
at it and give me their thoughts....
I used that they gave me and E-mailed Yahoo
to check it again..2 days later my site
was posted....
1) Content!
2) Clean, easy to read,
3) Most of all Yahoo whats something that will
add to their index. The staff at Yahoo
takes pride in their index. So the
question is; what are you going to do
for my index? What are
you giving me I don't already have...
Check out the sites in your
category that are alreay posted so
you know what you're dealing
Once again, Andrew, you're right on
with this one!

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