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Re: Banned?
From iestyn on 21 May '98
adding to Re: Banned? posted by Max

Thanks for the help - it really looks as if
we're stuffed....we host the site on our server
-arse. which means that not only is the site in question banned,
but also so are all the other ones we host.
Umm..what now? At least i have the conforting thought that it wasnt ME who
created the spam pages... i had a look at them just now.
Its horrific - HUGE amounts of text on the same-coloured background.
And the keywords we were given were naturally sexual in nature...
AND the page had a faster-than-the-eye refresh.
AND there were 3 EXACTLY THE SAME.

Its a pity that we didnt devote more time to doing what i do now...
finding out how to get the best results from SE's....

oh well!


> You might have to wait for a few months, making absolutely
>NO submissions, then try it again with a properly constructed
>set of pages. Or - convince the site to change their domain name
>and IP addresses so you can start fresh. After all, they aren't
>getting much traffic at the old address.

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