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Re: FrontPage 98 question...
From Andy on 21 May '98
adding to FrontPage 98 question... posted by Dan Perry

>I stumbled upon this site today, and all I can say is WOW. Very informative and impressive. My problem is this: I purchased FrontPage 98 yesterday, and installed it today. I know how to code HTML (my linked site was/is done by hand), but I wanted some help in the CGI arena, hence my purchase of FrontPage. After reading through the past few months of this webboard, it seems like I may have made a mistake. A few messages from last month spoke of FP98 screwing up the important files (META, title, etc.) The messages also stated something about changing your important info, and FTPing the pages, rather than using FP98 to do it for you. Could someone please respond with a step-by-step description of what needs to be done? I know how to FTP (have WS_FTP), but wouldn't this screw up the Microsoft extensions linked from the pages? I'm getting a clue on how this stuff works, but still have a long way to go. Any help will be appreciated, and, of course, constructive criticism is always welcome.

Do you like FP? is it easy to use? Does it let you do what is really important, like make money off the web? If it does, keep it.. if it doesn't buy something else. Don't listen to fear mongering, just use what is best to accomplish your goal.
As for our site? We use FP, we do not use the markup bots, rather, we create our own tags... and we have multiple lisitings on the first page of every engine on several keywords. Lastly, 80 to 90% of our visitors find us through Yahoo! which doesn't bother with any of this meta/content hubbub.
FP organizes your site, the integrity of the links and lets you get on with business.

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