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Giving Free Plugs a Mistake?
From Michelle at Uno Mas! Down Syndrome Online on 22 May '98
I was just about to build a Down Syndrome related free "Yellow Pages" for people to plug their services that cater to people with disabilities.
But... I wonder if I add this free service, will I kill any possibility of attracting a paid banner advertisement? I just had a company approach me about paying me for advertising space.

If I add this free feature to create more content for my visitors to refer to, why should someone pay for advertising when everyone else is getting it for free?

It's a real dilemma! This website is a
significant investment of time and money for me. I need to think about covering those expenses, or the website can't continue! I want my visitors to find a wealth of information on my site... what to do? What to do?

What do you all think?

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