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Re: Giving Free Plugs a Mistake?
From Darryl on 22 May '98
adding to Giving Free Plugs a Mistake? posted by Michelle

>I was just about to build a Down Syndrome related free "Yellow Pages" for people to plug their services that cater to people with disabilities.
> But... I wonder if I add this free service, will I kill any possibility of attracting a paid banner advertisement? I just had a company approach me about paying me for advertising space.

>If I add this free feature to create more content for my visitors to refer to, why should someone pay for advertising when everyone else is getting it for free?

>It's a real dilemma! This website is a
>significant investment of time and money for me. I need to think about covering those expenses, or the website can't continue! I want my visitors to find a wealth of information on my site... what to do? What to do?

>What do you all think?

Will Michelle, This not a problem....What you do is limit what you can say in the free directory. Even if you don't want to limit the directory. I think serious advertisers will much rather have a banner. People are paying
big bucks for high impact banners. And they work on pulling people to there site. If an advertisers service is similar to the listings that are free it's to their advantage to advertise. The banner above represents their company
image. I think visitors will click on the banner before they check out the free listings. Just keep in mind a successful web site will paid to be the top dog. When you buy a banner on yahoo you paid these guys so your banner will come up
when certain keywords are typed in ...this is the same situation you are in ...a person types in a keyword a bunch of free listings come up and a banner at the top.

I hope this helps. darrylb@ka.net for more questions.

Good Luck

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