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Re: Multiple sites, multiple listings?
From Bill Meador at Mir Fox & Rodriguez CPA & Consulting on 03 April '98
adding to Multiple sites, multiple listings? posted by Wayne Mumford

>I have a site that is primarily a commercial site
>but it also has a personal projects section that is
>basically meant to be informative but is also a
>draw to my commercial section.

>After looking at Jim's recommendations for registering
>sites, especially in the kingdom of Yahoo! I began to
>wonder if I shouldn't break the sites in two and
>register them as seperate sites and as a result gain
>the benefit of getting twice the exposure?

Of course, it would be great if you could get both areas registered as separate sites. But there are a couple of things to consider.

As you may have seen from this message board, it can be difficult to get a listing. Breaking the two sites apart 'could' cause neither site to pass their review. Also, I am sure that you will link the two sites together. If Yahoo really considers the two to be part of one site they might give you only one listing anyway. Finally, keeping the site as one site might give you a better chance to win awards etc. In the best of both worlds, you break them apart and get multiple listings then put it back together. *grin*

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