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Re: Yahoo is droping Altavista
From Andrew Harris at Robert's Hot Tubs on 24 May '98
adding to Yahoo is droping Altavista posted by Richard Osterude

>I just wanted to drop you a note because I just read that Yahoo is no
>longer using Altavista search but Inktomi. You can read about it at:
>The thing is that now I'm a bit worried since eaven though some of my
>clients pages weren't on Yahoo! they were on top positions in Altavista
>and allways apeared on yahoo search.
>I just tried some searches on yahoo and no longer find these clients on
>their search report.
>What should I do now to get them to appear on yahoo! since the listings
>there are so dificult??
>I appreciate all the help you may provide

Hot Bot uses the same algorythems as Inktomi. so if you can place well in Hot Bot you'll place well in Yahoos new default SE

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