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Re: Good Site, No Hits!
From Max on 24 May '98
adding to Good Site, No Hits! posted by John

You show up third if I search AltaVista for BRanson Missouri music .. not bad. It must be partly the site:
You have ONE chance to hook the visitor, which means that the top part of the first screen
they see at your site must be the BEST ad you ever wrote. YOU have about 5 seconds to convince them to
keep their fingers off the back button.
Your first page has a 69K animated GIF and a "Click here" sign ... There's no reason to go any further,
and there is no text for any of the search engines to index with. Take the content of the second page,
shorten it and make it more direct, and combine it with some of the highlights from the schedule to make
people see immediately who you are and what you offer. Yes, you will have to uipdate the page as the schedule
changes, but when your offerings are ephemeral, it's just part of having a website.
If I'm looking for "Country Corn and the Pones" next appearance, and it is on your site, I can't find them
with a search engine, because your schedule is all image maps. Search engines do not read pictures. Change this
to a table and put the appearances into REAL TEXT.

Your rankings in the search engine would be better if you altered your META tags and title:

OK, as long as the page it is on actually has some information. see above.

Beware about using apostrophes and quotes in META tags. they can screw up some search engines.
OLD - too many repeats of the words ... you get penalized by some search engines for this.

NEW - make the words lower case(for technical reasons), don't repeat keywords, include helper keywords like "music" and the alternate spellings of theater to help the searchers.

(If I wanted to pull up all the theaters in Branson Missouri, I'd ask for "live country music Branson Missouri" for starters. there are 77,000+ listings with just "Branson" in them, so most people would start adding words to the search.

Presleys' Country Jubilee in Branson, Missouri ...Click Below to Continue
(did you really want the "click below to continue" to be part of the title?
Presleys' Country Jubilee in Branson, Missouri

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