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From Jim on 30 May '98
adding to Re: Any way to get rid of that pop up window? posted by Pat

First, the most likely reason that the window pops
up is that your hosting service has botched the
job of setting it up on the server. For example,
if the certificate is made out to www.domain.com but
your server admin people have set it up on domain.com
then the URL and the certificate won't match,
and the warning message will pop up. There's
nothing you can do about this except complain to
your hosting people.

As far as certificate cost goes, I'm in the process
of getting my own, and I've discovered that a
Thawte certificate costs $125 for exactly the same
thing as Verisign charges $349 for. However,
you'll have to add charges for your osting people
to set it up for you, and they'll probably want to
choose which certificate to use. They'll package the
cost together, so it's irrelevant how much the
actual certificate costs.

Hope it helps.

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