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From Darryl on 30 May '98
adding to HITS posted by Karen

>We registered with the main search engines when we first got
>our page up (several months ago). In the beginning (before we got our counter on
>the site) we had quite a few hits a day. Now if we have a few a day we are lucky.
>Any suggestions? I would appreciate any advise on critiqing our site.
>Karen, Kinteco Screen Printing

Hi Karen,
I have a suggestion when you start picking up the hits. I speak as a promotional item purchaser.
If I was searching the web for pomotional items and clicked on your page ...I would have left and probably
went on to a competitors page. Why you ask? When I went to your products page ...no products. Yeah you mention some of them ...
but no visualization. I want to see your designs, creativity and why you are different. If you want to do business on the
Internet you should be set up to where I can order or at least see some quanity pricing. For example, if I want to buy some
pens with my name on them...if the price was competitive and I was looking for a new promotional company like yours, you need to make
it easy for me to purchase them over the internet. If you doing bussiness on the net you need to give your customer every option to purchase
your product...for example, visa, mastercard, Fax, E-mail, Phone,etc.
Whatn it boils down to is there is not enough content to keep me there or keep me coming back.
I hope this will help you.


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