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Re: Getting Advertisments
From P@t on 30 May '98
adding to Re: Getting Advertisments posted by Jim

I think someone asked this same question
not to long ago and I'll tell you the
same thing.

Look at other sites for examples.
The most important thing you need is
content and lots of 'unique visits'
once you have this you should be ok.
But, dont expect to turn in to the next

Look at how Matt Wright put a few cgi scripts
up and turned it into millions of page views

or if you can't code there's

Tom's Hardware Guide
Just some guy who turned himself into a
one man computer.com

then there's site like Webhostlist
and so on.

Like I said before though don't expect to
rake in the bucks w/ banner ads on your
site. At most it'll cover the costs of hosting
a popular site and maybe dinner a couple
nights a week. =]

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