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Re: Sorry, thats Heading tags as opposed Font tags.
From Max on 09 April '98
adding to Sorry, thats Heading tags as opposed Font tags. posted by Wayne Mumford

>>Do I gain a significant advantage by writing all my text inside
>>the various tags as opposed to using to
>>vary size?
Significant? No. You gain a HUGE advantage by using rigidly correct HTML
and not the bizarre stuff that some authoring programs let you get away with.

The robots use the tags to decide what words are most important, and assign
them relevancy according to rank. Basically, the HTML structural tags indicate
relative importance of text (ranked H1 to H6), and identify that text as a
Text inside heading tags is given more weight than text in paragraphs,
and the text immediately under a high-ranking heading is more important
than text under low-ranking headings.

The strongest possible ranking to keywords would be for those that appear
in the TITLE, the KEYWORDS, in the first structure of the page (H1), and in the
first few words of the paragraph immediately following that H1. This paragraph would
be an abstract of the page contents.
It's valid HTML, it's not "spamming" (no matter how they redefine the indexing
parameters, the logic in the AI routines that parse the submissions will have a bias
towards structural analysis, so I make sure they find structure) and it doesn't waste
valuable real estate with logos, imagemaps, JavaScript, and fluff. The visitor can tell
at a glance whether it's worth hitting the page down key.

Font tag markup to force things that look like a heading are not
really structure. To a text analysis program, they are all just
paragraphs and they have to judge by position in the text.
It's like painting stripes on a donkey and calling it a zebra.

>>At Yahoo!, at what point is it likely that related Keywords say
>>Photographer, Photographs, Photographic start getting penalized?
I haven't had a problem with variations on the basic term. Yahoo
is looking for CONTENT more than anything else. Just make sure your
pages are well-designed, easy to navigate, and full of useful

>>Will I be penalized for using the same keywords on alot of different
>>pages that have the same content?
If the pages have exactly the same content, why are they in your site?
If they are all related to the same subject, they can logically have the
same keywords, but the Description tag would be different.

>>Will the engines treat a phrase such as handmade gifts that is
>>written as a keyword phrase the same as if it were written as
>>two different words? Should I write them out both ways?
I would use: "hand made handmade gift gifts" to cover all the possible
variations searchers might enter.

(sorry about the previous post. The firewall ate it.

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