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Re: PO box addresses
From Darryl on 31 May '98
adding to PO box addresses posted by Mark

>I will shortly be selling a service via my free 5MB of web space supplied by my service provider. As I intend to operate this 'sideline' from home, and my customers will need to send me items in the post, is it wise to give my home address on my website or should I consider setting up a PO box with Royal Mail (about 100 p.a.) ?

>Royal Mail have pointed out that if I wish to use the 'shortened' form of the PO box address:

>PO Box xxxx

>I must ensure that I am complying with legislation relating to mail order sales (details of which they won't supply). Also, they will supply my real address to anyone who asks!

>Is publishing my real address really such a bad idea ?

Hey Mark,
Use your home address...people won't know it's your home address. Plus most people start a net business from there home and there is nothing wrong with that. I am doing the same thing ...but I am using my own domain. The bad thing about P.O. Boxes is that it makes it look like you have something to hide. Be sure you are able to supply a phone number. I won't do business with antone who does not have a phone #. Especially if they only except money order or check. I don't know what part of the world you are in but if you get a second line it does not have to be a business line. The phone company will never know. As far a rules of mail order ...I would not worry to much ...if your doing someone will let you know and then you can change it.

Hope this helps!

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