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'standings' on ESP are wacky
From P@t on 01 June '98
adding to Re: Infoseek's new ESP feature posted by Jim

>I suppose it depends where you're standing. This
>site is on their list :-)

Invalid URL
URL must be in the format: http://ld.net/?rep-id (rep-id is the individual agent's ID). If you
have lost your agent's ID, please contact Webmaster Referer: Cogid: Member of the ...
100% http://ld.net/ (Size 1.0K) Document date: 16 May 1998


You may be on their list, but why does the
above URL come up 1st for KW- web site promotion?

An invalid URL no less.

I think Infoseek still does have a lot of
work to do on their 'new' search engine

Inktomi (HotBot) is still the most relevant
engine. No matter what Infoseek's unsubstantiated
hype is.

As for PCGameworld. Get in Yahoo!. If you
can get listed in that more than half
if not 90% of your hits will come from their

Infoseek isn't that big of a player. Their
still behind Excite's shoddy engine, and
a few other behind that. check out 100hot.com

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