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Re: What HTML editors do to your code, a side-by-side comparison..
From Darryl on 02 June '98
adding to What HTML editors do to your code, a side-by-side comparison.. posted by Dan Perry

>I made a post here about 10 days ago asking opinions of FrontPage 98. I was truly amazed at the quick responses. For everyones information, I have decided to take FrontPage 98 back to Best Buy (I hear the cheers already). Luckily, my 30 days did not expire. I am also 99% sure that I will purchase Dreamweaver instead. The price is steep (I'm not in business (yet), I do this as a hobby) but when they throw in HomeSite as well, it's tough to beat. I never would've known about this unbelievably advanced product if it were not for this board. Thanks a lot.

>Anyway, now that we're caught up, please check out the following link. It shows some original hand-written HTML next to what the different Editors do to it. It includes NetObjects Fusion 2.0, Adobe PageMill 2.0, GoLive CyberStudio 2.0, MicroSoft Frontpage 98, and Dreamweaver. Remember that this is on Dreamweavers site, but it is a graphic example of the problems that these editors produce (especially META tags). If there was any doubt, check it out.


>Thanks again for all the help. This is undoubtedly one of the best boards on the Net.

>Dan Perry

Hey Dan,

Since it's still a hobby keep checkin around.
..have you look at HotDog Html editor ..it's a sausage.com or Webedit. Take your time...I have the download for Dreamweaver had not played around with it much. I know it's exspensive ....With hotdog you will get more for your money ..right now they are offering soft good software with a purchase. Plus more is included that you download once you have the program.
They also have a message board there for webmasters
it will compliment this one. Just remember this ...for every expensive piece of software there's always
someone with a better and cheaper product. You just have to search your but off or keep looking at those banners at the tops of pages.

P.S. If your into audio and video check this site out ...
www.emblaze.com . these guys give you the option to put audio on your web site without requireing your veiwers to have a plugin. Wacth as they kick Real Audio butt!
They are coming out with live Streaming soon. That means if you want to have a live show from your desk top you can. Your Isp does not have to have any special exspensive software like what Real Audio requires ISPs to have.
Anyway I hope this helps

If you check it out and still think dreamweaver is the way to go let me know .


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