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Re: major drop down in infoseek one day after submiting
From Max on 04 June '98
adding to major drop down in infoseek one day after submiting posted by yoni almog

>i have submited a page on my site to infoseek. after one day i check it with a keyword and my site was ranked #2. the day after, with the same keyword i was ranked #44.

That appears to be the normal behavior for Infoseek - newly submitted pages will drop after a day or so. It might be deliberate, to give the newcomers some exposure. It might be accidental, just a result of the way their clessification scheme works. Don't try to keep them in the top by repeatedly resubmitting - that will get the entire domain dropped totally out of the index. Concentrate on improving the ocntent of the pages, find sites for reciprocal links, and look for specialty directories where the searchers are more focused and there is less competition.

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