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Infoseek - something's not right here
From Peter Boudreau at Colloidal Silver - Nature's Amazing & Forgotten Antibiotic on 04 June '98
Lately it seems that I'm not the only one who has been having problems with Infoseek.

When I originally submitted my URL (http://www.harveyopolis.com/educate-yourself/silver/) to their index I received a listing on the first page of results for all of my important keywords. I remained at this place for a few weeks, then I sank like a rock. I couldn't even find my URL. I'm not sure exactly why this happened, but I have a few ideas.

My listing dropped around the same time I submitted 9 additional URLs. Could this possibly have had an effect on my original listing?

In any case, I've since submitted a few more URLs and I still can't find a single one of them in the top 200 listings. I once found my group of listings at #53, but the next day it was gone again.

Yesterday I decided to try a little experiment. I made a page with a title, body, META keyword, and META description of only one word "Colloidal Silver" (the keyword I want a listing under). So that's my title, my only keyword, my description, and the only word in the body (as a link to my main page). I registered this with Infoseek and it showed up in about 15 minutes. However, I still cannot find even that in the top 200 listings!! How can this be? I searched for "Colloidal Silver" so the page I just made should have had a keyword density of 100%, right?

I've submitted this to AltaVista as well. I'm going to see what happens with them. Incidentally, I've gotten my listings to appear in AltaVista, but I can't find any of them in the top 200, either. I've recently thought that this may be because I have two very large scripts (just after the BODY tag) on all of my pages (except for a few new experimental ones I've made). I thought that might be it, but I've submitted pages without those scripts to InfoSeek and they still don't show up.

And while I'm on a role, I've noticed that HotBot won't even list me. They've e-mailed me a couple of times telling me that my URLs have been added (they don't specify what URLs of course), but when I check, none of my URLs are listed. Strange, eh?

Ya know, I've looked at the top listings when I search for "colloidal silver" and I simply cannot see how these pages achieve such high listings. HotBot is a perfect example. The #1 listing is not even solely about Colloidal Silver! Most of the page is spent discussing other things! It seems to have a very low keyword density, yet there it is #1 in the results. Are these people paying off the search engines or what???

Utterly confused and deeply distraught,


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