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Re: major drop down in infoseek-
From Patrick on 04 June '98
adding to Re: major drop down in infoseek- Jim any ideas? posted by Brian

>>i have submited a page on my site to infoseek. after one day i check it with a keyword and my site was ranked #2. the day after, with the same keyword i was ranked #44.
>Same thing with our site... we have enjoyed a year as #2. Now resubmitted pages last one day on first page then gone the next.
>Infoseek is not being very helpful, mostly form responses saying they are perfect and flawless.

>Jim... have any explanation for what appears to be recent problem with Infoseek?


I've been having the same problem with Infoseek, I emailed them, here is there response.(which is of course no help)

You sent the included message to Infoseek's customer support group.

I was able to find your site in our index:

thrash metal band Profane
Profane's thrash metal site. Information and links on Profane and other
thrash metal sites.
http://foxcities.com/profane/thrashmetalis.htm (Size 1.0K) Document
date: 1 Jun 1998

Infoseek does not guarantee ranking positions for any URLs in any of our
search results. Our index is a dynamic one in which thousands of pages are
submitted, updated and deleted constantly. We also continue to tweak our
search algorithms to provide our users with the best results possible for
their queries. As a result, URLs for a particular search result will change

To change your current rank, you can update your page with more relevant
information for a specific query and resubmit it to Infoseek via e-mail or
our Add URL form. Please review our Guidelines and Policies to make sure you
are in compliance and our Troubleshooting section for tips.

Thank you for using Infoseek.


P. Brodhead

Your Original Message

I have a site for a thrash metal band and I have submited a url for
the site 3 times. Each time the URL has appeared in the top ten under the
keywords "thrash metal"
for one day and then disappears. What's happenning, and how can I correct
this problem.
The url I have submitted is

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