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Re: Infoseek - something's not right here
From Brian on 05 June '98
adding to Infoseek - something's not right here posted by Peter Boudreau

>Lately it seems that I'm not the only one who has been having problems with Infoseek.

>When I originally submitted my URL (http://www.harveyopolis.com/educate-yourself/silver/) to their index I received a listing on the first page of results for all of my important keywords. I remained at this place for a few weeks, then I sank like a rock. I couldn't even find my URL. I'm not sure exactly why this happened, but I have a few ideas.

Same thing with me... please contact them as I have... the more complaints they get the
better it will be, I imagine... right now, they think I'm nuts and it is my documents
that are lacking. Sorry.... I'm loaded with appropriate content and compliant tags.

After I submit I'm on the first page. Next day... nothing. This has gone on for 3 -4 days now.


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