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Re: Got Yahoo, but lost placing with others.
From Max on 05 June '98
adding to Got Yahoo, but lost placing with others. posted by Pat Escalante

>I lost #1 ranking in infoseek, Excite,
>and AltaVista and dropped to below 34 and 200 :(

Too many repeats of "Kentucky,Toyota,new,used,car,sales,leasing" in your keywords METS tag. I know AltaVista penalizes for >2 reps.

Your design kluges appearance with FONT tags. I haven't tested it, but I have very few problems getting good rankings, and habitually
construct valid HTML pages, not those FONT-filled things. The search engines are all based on the same research on text indexing
strategies, and that research relied heavily on document structure. So I feed the robots with tags creating valid headings that
contain ONLY the key concepts of my page. Looking at yours, the most prominent text on the page says nothing about Kentucky, Toyota,
or autos although it's a big ego trip for Stevie Ray to see the page.

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