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Re: Got Yahoo, but lost placing with others.
From Pat Escalante at Swope Toyota on 05 June '98
adding to Re: Got Yahoo, but lost placing with others. posted by Max

thank you so much for your advice and time
spent looking at the page :)

>Too many repeats of "Kentucky,Toyota,new,used,car,sales,leasing" in your keywords METS tag. I know AltaVista penalizes for >2 reps.

Looking at yours, the most prominent text on the page says nothing about Kentucky, Toyota,
>or autos although it's a big ego trip for Stevie Ray to see the page.

Once again, duh on my part. Originally Stevie Ray
was salesperson so he needed his name out there and memorable
now that he is manager he can afford to be a bit more discreet:)
well back to the check and recheck :)
does this never end :)?

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