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Re: It's cheap enough, what do you guys think? Or am I wasting my $$$
From Darrryl on 05 June '98
adding to It's cheap enough, what do you guys think? Or am I wasting my $$$ posted by paul

>here's an E-mail I received.

> 30,000 FREE banner impressions
> Date:
> Thu, 4 Jun 1998 21:23:38 -0400 (EDT)
> From:
> info@did-it.com
> To:

>Dear did-it webmaster:

>Are you satisfied with the position your site achieves on search engine
>results? Are you "nowhere to be found" in the search engines? Would you
>like to be boosted to the top of the engines?

>If your answer is "yes" to any of these questions, then you should look
>into our did-it plus search engine optimizing service. Using proprietary
>technology that we have developed, we can enhance search engine position
>for any web site, for any desired phrase. As featured on MSNBC, Internet
>News and other major news organizations, did-it assures that for a
>particular search phrase you choose we can boost your site ranking into
>the top 20 for all the major search engines. In fact, we can guarantee it!

>Each industry and business has unique needs and is looking for a
>unique target audience. Nobody can deliver that target audience better
>than a search engine. In essence, a visitor from a search engine has
>looked for you. Now that's qualified traffic! However, if your site
>doesn't appear in the top 20 when a search is performed, you're as good
>as invisible and have probably lost that client forever. And worst of
>all, you don't even know what you're missing.

>That's why the Did-It Plus Positioning service is so valuable. It
>makes sure that your site appears when a customer is doing a search.
>The technology has been perfected for each of the following search
>engines: Alta Vista + Excite + HotBot + Infoseek + AOL Netfind
> + Lycos + Webcrawler

>And you will always be kept abreast of your position and just how
>you're doing. Each month you will receive a comprehensive report of
>all the new traffic that originated from the search engines due to our
>technology. This will show you exactly what new traffic you are
>getting, and what search terms are generating that traffic.

>And best of all we guarantee our service. You only pay us when we are
>successful and only for the additional search engine traffic we are
>responsible for. The Did-It Plus service is $299 for complete setup
>on all the engines plus 25 cents per additional visitor.

>But as a special incentive for any did-it plus orders placed by June 12
>we will include 30,000 banner impressions on the Internet Banner Network.
>That's $600 worth of traffic, absolutely FREE. So don't delay. Join our
>over 800 clients and call us today at 1-800-webpro-1 or 1-516-255-0500
>or visit our site at http://www.did-it.com. Don't let your competitors
>grab all the search engine traffic. Any traffic lost is lost forever.

>The did-it team

ASK Them how long will it take to get listed on Yahoo. And can they guarantee it. I think from what I see an hear ...getting on yahoo can take 6-8 weeks mininum. Most likely they are doing the same thing as everyone here and are just buttering you up (telling you what you want to hear) with there email and web site. If your seriously considering it ...ask them for references...you know, live people you can talk to over the phone or better yet just get them to give you a half a dozen web sites that use
their services. Then go to these web pages and get their numbers and call them up without them knowing. The 30,000 banders are probably like advertisting on TV after midnight. In other words they will only show up in non peak times. If they can't guarantee a reasonable time to get you listed ....then beware. Do it the hard way and learn to do it your self and save you alot of money in the future.

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