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Meta tags on inside pages
From Arie Allen Livshin on 06 June '98
I have several sites, which index.html just opens two frames,
one is invisible (very small), and it plays a midi file which should sound while
the user browses through the pages in the other frame.
Is there a way to maintain midi playing without using frames?
I would prefer visitors entering my sight at index.html, and hearing the music,
but my sites are listed really lousy.
now I have meta tags only in index.html.
Should I put them in all pages?
will it increase the possibility of users entering not from the main page?
Thanks, Allen.
BTW - you can see what I mean in the index.html file of
the "http://www.go-out.com/alhambra".
(I'm not promoting it using your list - it's in Israel anyway).

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