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Re: Meta tags on inside pages
From Max on 06 June '98
adding to Meta tags on inside pages posted by Arie Allen Livshin

>it plays a midi file
>which should sound while the user browses through the
>pages in the other frame.
Bad idea ... do you know what happens to my Brazilian
heavy metal when a site tries to play its background music though
the same PC speakers? It sounds worse than a bagpipe band playing
polkas! Unless you are selling music, demonstrating music, or
discussing music, leave sound files off your pages.

>I would prefer visitors entering my sight at index.html, and hearing the music,
>but my sites are listed really lousy.
To improve your listings, get rid of the frames.

>now I have meta tags only in index.html.
>Should I put them in all pages?
Each page should have META tags that describe the individual page, but

>will it increase the possibility of users entering not from the main page?

Users can enter from any page they want to, provided they have the URL.
You have to design the site to make it look good from all entrances.

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