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Yahoo - scripts or no scripts?
From Peter Boudreau at Colloidal Silver - Nature's Amazing & Forgotten Antibiotic on 07 June '98
I'm going to be submitting my site to Yahoo! but
I do have a couple of very large java scripts on my page
and I believe this is one of the main reasons I simply can't find myself in any of the search
engines I'm currently listed in. So, I'm wondering, before I submit to Yahoo!, should I remove
the scripts? My site wouldn't look quite as nice without them, which might make Mr. Yahoo! a little
less inclined to include me, but if I get rid of them, I'll have a higher listing.

Any suggestions?


P.S. I recently checked the top listings in AltaVista, HotBot, and Infoseek to compare
to my page. I found that I have a higher keyword density (on certain "doorway pages" I've made) in my title, description, keywords, and body than
most of them. So why on earth are they at the top while I can't even find myself??? I suspect there's some foul play
involved here but I can't exactly put my finger on what it is.

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