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Re: Yahoo - scripts or no scripts?
From Max on 08 June '98
adding to Yahoo - scripts or no scripts? posted by Peter Boudreau

>before I submit to Yahoo!, should I remove
>the scripts? My site wouldn't look quite as nice without them, which might make Mr. Yahoo! a little
>less inclined to include me, but if I get rid of them, I'll have a higher listing.

Having a long script does mess up most robots - they see the script as "words" and they will make your site
appear less relevant than it might without the script.
Would it be possible to put them below the introductory paragraphs? Or get the same feature without the


>P.S. I recently checked the top listings in AltaVista, HotBot, and Infoseek to compare
>to my page. I found that I have a higher keyword density (on certain "doorway pages" I've made) in my title, description, keywords, and body than
>most of them. So why on earth are they at the top while I can't even find myself??? I suspect there's some foul play
>involved here but I can't exactly put my finger on what it is.

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