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accepting credit cards
From fab on 09 June '98
Jim you wrote you would have had an account with Realtime Commerce Solutions, run by Rick and Sheryl Shockley, in the usa. And you're from the UK yourself. I tried to get in touch with them, but they say they don't do any business with not usa related companies/ppl.

what i am looking for is a merchant account (for a client). but all the cc processing companies try to sell their services where they want 10 or 15 % or the amount, and are not flexible with the processing.

no-one was able to tell me how to get a merchant account, what is needed.

btw, it's an online shop, and not a porn site. i guess most of these cc processing solutions are made for xxx membership sites.

do you know where i can read how to get a merchant account? or any advice?

greetings, fab

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