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Re: Meta tags on inside pages
From John Malkus at Alpaca De La Pacifica on 09 June '98
adding to Re: Meta tags on inside pages posted by Max

I've read several comments about meta tags,
and have a perfect example of what problems
exist when you either have them on all your
pages vs/none. Our site was originaly done
in frames, but after no luck with any of the
big search engines, we added a seperate page
that sits for several seconds, no frames,
before going to the framed page. Each page
after that has meta tags. Still no luck in
getting listed, even at the bottom of 33,550
results. So, do I drop the idea of meta
tags, or do I assume that these search engines
do not allow you to have a site that exist on
another site with a forward slash.
Any help here?

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