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Re: Infoseek - something's not right here
From John Malkus at Alpaca De La Pacifica on 09 June '98
adding to Infoseek - something's not right here posted by Peter Boudreau

The one thing that I strongly agree with, is
the payoff part, hum.. For several weeks now, I
have been trying to get my newest adventure
listed with all the SE's. First off, I do
want to mention that the phone number for
Yahoo is good. In fact I spoke to them today
about my situation. They said they would
look into it, but I'm not holding my breath.
Can someone explain to me how you can get
your exact url to show up doing a URL search, but
no problem. there it is. Now, try it with a
keyword, it's not anywhere to be found.Isn't
that the purpose of a SE? Infoseek is doing
the exact same thing. Confirm via e-mail
that my site is listed, then you go to look
for it, and it's nowhere to be found!
Webcrawler, Excite, ect. same ol thing.

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