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Re: Dealing with common keywords
From Max on 11 April '98
adding to Dealing with common keywords posted by paul

>I have a site where my main keyword is a
>common one. ISDN, if you type ISDN on any
>search engine you'll get 1000's of pages
>on ISDN because it relates to the internet.

>IfI use ISDN information or ISDN rates I
>can get in the top 15-30 but that's the
>best I have been able to do.
> Is there a secret to dealing with this

Don't worry about it. If a user gets a search result back with
thousands of pages, they usually type a phrase to shorten the list.
Make sure that your keywords will support whatever phrase they
are likely to type:
"ISDN information price prices rates installation line telephone" etc.
Make sure the TITLE, and the text at the top of the page repeats
the key concepts in strongly structured HTML.
(see my other post on keywords and document structure.

And if the pages at the top of the search results are loading their
pages with ISDN - resubmit them and watch them sink.+

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