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Re: Infoseek just won't spider some pages
From Greg on 09 June '98
adding to Infoseek just won't spider some pages posted by Liz

Yes those pages either were hand picked by infoseek (the 100%) ones or
they have tons of other sites that link to them that it boosts them.

I still can't get many pages to stay listed, they stick till about 9-10:30pm PST then drop.

But some domains stay, I used 30 domains and currently have 1 good listing.

I would say spend your time on another engine since they really don't want people to submit their sites to them any longer.

>When I do a search for my keywords on Infoseek, certain pages (not mine) show up in the top 10 that are really old -- like, from 1995-6.

>I resubmitted them to see if they would stay in the top 10 if re-spidered. Guess what? After resubmitting them every other day for the last 10 days, they have *never* been re-spidered by Infoseek.

>Anyone have any idea what's going on? Infoseek always used to be quick about this...

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