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Re: accepting credit cards
From fab on 09 June '98
adding to Re: accepting credit cards posted by Darryl

Hi Darryl.

I've contacted 3 companies that offer these services. on their website they write about both services. but then they answer to my mails with standard replies. all they want is selling their 15% processing offer. (2 of them, and one does not deal with european clients)

the employees of 2 (swiss) banks had no idea what i was taling about. they never heard about a merchant account.

then i just thought there are so many companies accepting cc's. so hopefully someone could give bring me on the right way.

the answer of an us software reseller was that i could sell my stuff with his service.

i've tried a lot, maybe not hard enough.

i'll go on with my research, and let you know when i got it. if you find something, please post it here.

thanx, greetings, fab

>>Jim you wrote you would have had an account with Realtime Commerce Solutions, run by Rick and Sheryl Shockley, in the usa. And you're from the UK yourself. I tried to get in touch with them, but they say they don't do any business with not usa related companies/ppl.

>>what i am looking for is a merchant account (for a client). but all the cc processing companies try to sell their services where they want 10 or 15 % or the amount, and are not flexible with the processing.

>>no-one was able to tell me how to get a merchant account, what is needed.

>>btw, it's an online shop, and not a porn site. i guess most of these cc processing solutions are made for xxx membership sites.

>>do you know where i can read how to get a merchant account? or any advice?

>To find out about merchant account just type it in a search engine. And search and research til your butt and wrist gets sore. I am in the same boat, but haven't gotten to the point to doing the searching ...but there are alot of web pages offering merchant accounts.
>Hope that helps
>CYA Darryl

>>greetings, fab

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