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Re: redirecting traffic
From Max on 10 June '98
adding to redirecting traffic posted by sebastian

>Our company was sold and so was our web site.
OUCH! it hurts when yuo have solid traffic built up.

here's what I would suggest, if the old site can be
kept alive for a while.
1. Set up the new site and register it with the
robots. Notify YAHOO or any other directories
that the site they listed under oldspot.com is
now at newplace.com
2. Keep the old address for a couple of months, and
set a redirect page aimed at the new site.
3. RESUBMIT the old pages so the robots will see the
redirect and (usually) delete the old pages.
4. Search for all links TO the old site and
notify the webmaster that the site has moved to
newplace.com and ask them to change the links.

5. Monitor traffic to the old site: when it is almost
zero, delete the old site.

If you can't keep the old site active, do steps 1, 3, and 4
as quickly as possible.

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