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What do your search engine listings REALLY look like?
From Max on 10 June '98
I was looking on INFOSEEK for ISO 9000 information, and found this marvelous
example of why you need to READ your own pages with a text-only, frames deprived,
JAVA-less browser:

"129. Q-Pulse ISO 9000 Management Software - Continuous Improvement from Gael Qualit
[URL: www.gaelquality.co.uk/frames.html]
Warning! This site was written for modern Web browers which support the "Frames"
feature. You are using an old browser which does not. You may..."

I WAS using a browser that could do frames, but the poor little robot couldn't,
but it dutifully brought back what it could and used the first bit of text on the page
it found as the description. And it was totaly useless to me as a way of deciding whether to
follow that link of not.
None of the pages on the site have META tags.

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