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Invisible keywords in the body...
From Roland Rodriguez at stealth|designs on 11 June '98
Hi Jim,

Let me start by saying that I'm really impressed by the content on your site. 
Now, the reason I'm writing.  My wife works for a software company who wants to improve their online performance (www.genesissoftware.com).  They asked me to look at their existing site and give some suggestions on how they could improve it's performance on the web.  Well, when viewing the source code for the index page I noticed that whom ever had created this initial page had embedded the tags in the wrong place.  Not only that but they had tried to add a bunch of keywords to the body that were masked by having them the same color as the background color.  I recommended to the big boss against doing that (having read through your entire site and feeling confident enough to give suggestions) and the boss confronted the gentleman who created the site.  He claimed that there were only a few minor engines that would penalized this and was able to go online and show us several sites that were doing this technique and were at the top of their respective keyword lists in the search engines.  Kinda made me look like a dumb ass >;] ...what gives?  Any suggestions on what I can say to combat this guys well exemplified point?  Thanx so much for any input you can give...I know your a real busy guy.  :)


Roland Rodriguez

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