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From Sut on 12 June '98
adding to Re: ADULT WEBSITES posted by Max

>>Hello i have a adult website and i was wondering what would be the best and affected way to promote my site? Thank you.

>DON'T send SPAM (that's when your get large numbers of email addresses and send ads to them without knowing who they are or
>if they are adults - that will get your site a lot of traffic of the wrong kind. It makes the recipients of the spam very angry,
>and they will do anything they can to get your site turned off.

>Things you CAN do:
>1.Spend some time on the Web, and find directories or search engines that list adult sites - submit your site to them.
>2.Buy some advertising on these directories or search engines.
>3.Advertise in newspaper classifieds in publications that your target audience is likely to read.
>4.Rent a list of persons who have deliberately signed up to recieve email gfrom adult sites - look in YAHOO under
>"List Brokers". They will send the ads for you, and they make very sure that the recipients have requested information,
>and this is not "spam.

First go to ynot and hang around there for hours...lots of resources for the adult web master.

You can check my page...I've put together some places to list adult sites and other useful things.
http://www.jetumele.com/salamander/webmasters.html (adult oriented)

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