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Re: secure certificates
From Baz at Fear blocking Net travel industry on 12 June '98
adding to secure certificates posted by Andrew

As Posted on Jims Favorites is this quote from a CNet artivle from today (the link to this article is above):


Concern about the security of credit card information transmitted online is the reason most frequently cited for why a majority of travel shoppers do not end up completing a purchase, a panel of electronic commerce experts said.

It also is a totally groundless fear, the panel added.

Last year, there wasn't a single report of theft of credit card information processed using the secure encryption facility built into the two main Internet browsers, Netscape Navigator and Microsoft Internet Explorer, according to Terrell Jones, chief information officer of electronic bookings venture the Sabre Group.


Basically it can't hurt to have one - and the Thawte is perfectly addequate.

The main problem I find with Secure certficates is that most people who buy on-line do so from Work, and most companies who provide Internet access to employees also have a firewall which doesn't let secure pages through.

So you will end up having to offer both options anyway.

If you use a clearance house for credit cards then you are using their secure server so you don't need you own anyway.

>anyone have an opinion on the necessity of this for on line ordering ? they are expensive, around $300us ( found a much cheeper one at http://www.thawte.com/certs/server/contents.html ), but recent studies are saying that most people dont know or really care about them......my site doesnt have one (yet) and i get quite a few orders, but im wondering if having one might increase orders more.

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