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Let me rephrase that a bit
From Sut again at Human SpiderBot (adults only, please) on 12 June '98
adding to Lower vs. uppercase metatags posted by SUT

>I was under the impression that engines (notably Alta Vista, but I'd have to check) match lowercase with both lower and upper, but uppercase only with upper.

>Thinking in reverse, an all caps metatag like "TOPIC" would be a match for the search terms "topic," "Topic" and "TOPIC," or even "toPic", while a lowercase metatag "topic" would only match the search term "topic."

>Otherwise I see your reasoning. Thanks.

A search for "topic" would match both meta tags "topic" and "TOPIC"

But a search for "TOPIC" would only match the meta tag "TOPIC," with the same holding for a search for "Topic."

Think that's a bit clearer :))

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