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EXAMPLE: How To Sell by Giving Information Away
From Max on 13 June '98
Check the site in the header:

Notice how he attracts visitors with a LOT of very solid
information, for free. And then find the low-key "of course, if you
don't have the time to do it this well yourself, I'd be glad to make
your photos look like this ... let's talk" message on every page.
Look at the examples, and the photos - it's really clear that
there is talent to be hired. I don't think it would be cheap,
but it's available.
The information is good enough that the site has links from all the
major graphics sites - something that search engines can't give you.

Notice how EVERYTHING on the site is a very low-key ad - check the
link on making photo-montages for a good one. He's not only showing
how to make a montage, he's advertising his recording career.
It worked! I went there looking for free graphics design tips and ended up
buying the CDs! And worse, his carefully selected links led to even
more music sites that specialize in similar music. The free photoshop
tips are going to cost me a bundle and fatten some royalty checks!

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