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using / 's instead of ? 's in cgi-urls
From Ryan at The Radio Picture Archvie on 13 June '98
Hello. I have a web site that has dynamically generated
pages. But they are the same for every user, the url
is just a database call, like http://www.e-etc.com/rpa/single.phtml?item=173
Well, I submitted this to infoseek (with no high hopes) and
it indexed the URL as http://www.e-etc.com/rpa/single.phtml ; it dropped
everything after the question mark. Well this might not be so bad, I thought.

Does anyone know how I can use slashes instead of question marks in the URL?
I've seen this done, where the URL is /cgi-bin/program/argument.

I also tried using the ASCII code for ?, %3F, but then the server interperted
it right, as a ?, but said it could not find the file '...?...'

Thanks for any suggestions.


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